We are young company primarily devoted to spreading genre of stand-up comedy in the Czech Republic. We’re in it mostly for the fun… but we are pretty serious in what we do!

What’s beeing done

We love to laugh. And we enjoy making other people laugh too… …but as we are not that funny ourselves, we leave this to the pros. At least this way we are doing all we can to make them come here and do their job!

We have always been a big fans of stand-up comedy genre and realized that our local audience doesn’t get enough chance to enjoy it. Our current efforts culminate in the project


The first guest is quite a catch already – Irish “super-star” comedian Dylan Moran. He performed in Prague and Brno on November 2015. Stay tuned for other show announcements.

We have a solid background in event management, marketing, and eCommerce. So apart from organizing comedy shows,

we can offer:

  • Cultural / other event organization

  • Production and promotion services

  • Marketing & eCommerce consulting

Our Partners & Clients

References and examples of parnters we are involved with.

Mick Perrin Worldwide

Dylan Moran’s currently promoted show OFF THE HOOK is organized in cooperation with international promoter Mick Perrin Worldwide. We have built this project from scratch.

What needs to be done to make such show happen? There is a lot of emailing and budgeting at the beginning. It’s followed by a constant coordination among multiple partners (e.g. venues representatives, ticketing service providers, coders, designers) and a bunch of PR & marketing activities. And then there’s a lot more emailing.

Electronic Arts

We have done several projects for a major game publisher and distributor Electronic Arts.

We were involved in the launch of blockbuster titles, e.g. EA SPORTS FIFA, EA SPORTS NHL, The Sims or Battlefield.

Activities included media planning, budgeting and executing online &  outdoor campaigns, coordinating assets creation, managing social channels, organizing of key influencer events or festivals.

Who are we

Radiant Promotions team consists of two founders, cooperating with several external agencies.

Slavomír Benko

Owner, Founder

Slavo is currently employed as eCom Manager and Team Leader at security company Avast – humbled by an opportunity to work on a software that is used by hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

Before that he was employed as CEE Online Marketing Lead at Electronic Arts (video-games publisher), trying hard to conceal that he really enjoyed working on games more than adults should.

Slavo admires science, is astonished by astronomy and is trying to understand it. Although he reconciles that he never will. He enjoys jazz and is addicted to the sound of piano. And he loves stand-up comedy.

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Anna Hurtová

Owner, Founder

Anna leads the marketing team at SW / HW distributor JRC Czech. Before that she worked in promotion/production companies, organized a lot of events, and strangely enough enjoys the stress that is related to this kind of work.

She loves to travel and although she’s abroad every single year she keeps complaining that she is not travelling enough.

In her spare time – when she is not reading a book – she is trying to knot her limbs into a pretzel on yogamat. Anna likes to cook, which is a hobby much appreciated by her surrounding. And she loves stand-up comedy.

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Radiant Promotions s.r.o.
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VAT No.: CZ04152107
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